I have been “moving” around a lot lately. While at first this seemed to be not only needed but also beneficial, I increasily became weary and pained. What I thought was the healthy and right approach to making changes in my life, turned out to be a bit of a waste of energy and inner quietude in the end. 

It was only the other day that I suddenly came to realize how my attempt to move forward was in fact moving me away from the very thing I wished to improve. While I was trying to create more space that would benefit and grow my writing, I did not see how my efforts were hiding something else entirely.  

Now that my book is about to be released, I felt the need to have more time to primarily focus on what I consider to be my own gift to the world. The only thing perhaps that comes easy and fairly well to me: writing. So, lately I have been saying how my life is way too busy for me to really take EvokingGrace.com up to the next level. There is no enough time, London is a very taxing place, there are far too many people around: everything seemed to conspire against my desire to just WRITE. 

Here is what happens when you land in a space of “not enoughness:” you grow tired, and you cannot longer access choices. When that happens, you cannot connect or create. Connect to your inner creativity and bring it out in whichever shape and form you may like. Create gifts only you can present the world with. 

The other day, while feeling particularly off balance, I looked up at the sky and just asked:  

“What is it that you need from me? Spirit of the words I am yet to write, what do you require of me?” 

“Stop!” I heard loud and clear. 

Sometimes You Gotta Stop Before You Can Move On. 

If you are to go far, before moving any further you need to be able to still yourself and watch the choices you are making. What do they conceal? What do they promise? Mostly how are they serving you? 

That day I ended up sitting under a tree for a couple of hours. Phone tucked away in my bag, socks off and toes playing with the freshly cut grass, I gave myself the luxury of doing nothing. 

There were no decisions to be pondered, choices to be made, blogs to be written. There was me, the tree, and life. People sunbathing and kids playing football in the distance, the world seemed to be a little less frantic and a bit gentler. Sat in the shade of very rich and leafy branches, I put myself on hold. And emptied out. 

 I Am Not Available Right Now: I Am Emptying Out!

If we allowed ourselves to be unavailable from time to time, our life would feel spacious and slow enough for us to connect & create again. When we empty ourselves out, the way ahead gets clear again.

No journey can continue if we travel heavily. When we carry big suitcases, the road suddenly feels long and we hurry to get wherever we are going, missing out on the scenery around. We miss out on life in fact, when we get that tired. 

When I thanked my beautiful new friend tree for his generous hospitality, I still had no answers to my questions nor solutions that would make life a bit easier. It did not matter though one bit. I was empty and no longer felt pulled in all directions. I was solid within myself, in my body. 

Beloved Friend, I highly invite you to become unavailable and empty yourself out as often as you need. Don’t be afraid to go missing from time to time. Put the world on hold and come back to yourself. That’s where life truly happens.

In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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