Integrity is the word I am closing 2023 on.

Throughout the entire year, while dealing with the world at large, the same question arose time & time again: “Am I acting with integrity here, or am I just being full of shit?”

It turns out that oftentimes what I wished to offer, I did not have enough of. Whatever wisdom I took upon myself to inspire in others, stemmed from a place yet to be healed. Whether through spoken or written words, when the truth we wish to share comes from a “wounding place,” we are out of integrity. That deep hurt we find hard to name and own, stops us from offering compassion and kindness both to us and everyone else.

We are all wounded and scarred. But there is a wound, THE WOUND, which we learn to cover with thousands of layers of different healing attempts, just to keep it from getting infected. But in the end, it remains wide open and the pain keeps us awake at night. Unable to truly enjoy life and receive the love that so often others wish to share with us. Because it’s beautiful, and appropriate. And which we chose to come here to experience.

What I have come to learn this year is that my wound is everybody’s wound too.

The causes may be different, sure. The medicine we give ourselves may differ. But THE WOUND is the tiny space where we go and hide when we lose trust in life and in our very angelic nature. And it becomes so constricting, there is no way for us to move and truly grow how we wish and are supposed to.

We can only offer others what we have plenty of. When we come from a place of integrity rather than hurt, we truly make a difference in someone else’s world. Even as we share hard truths, our words are welcomed, rather feared, and deeply felt by the heart.

May you gentle yourself through the last few days of this long year. May you trust that as you heal, the world heals too. And when the forgotten hurt requires your presence again, may you tend to it with tender care and kindness.

With Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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