There is a wisdom within us that guides us when we allow it and pay attention.

It’s that “inner knowing” that stems from a coherent and intelligent source: the Intelligence behind life.

Every single religion points to it, yet it cannot be conceived.

Everything in our world and the universe points to it, but words often fail to describe what that actually really means.

You and I are part of it, and yet we are rarely aware of its presence.

Through the ages this infinite potential has been called many names: God, Goddess, Source, The Force, Mother Sophia.

Call it however feels right to your heart, but do trust that once you become aware of it your life will be transformed.

I sense very strongly that this is the year when we are all called to embrace our “inner knowing”.

Potential is in the air: you can smell it from miles away.

Despite whatever the media will have us to believe, this time is ripe for extraordinary changes and freedom from limiting structures.

Both at home and in the world.

And when we pair with our innate wisdom, we  create ripple effects in all aspects of our life.

When we allow room for this intelligent presence to freely move around us, we open the way for synchronicity to stitch all our scattered self together.

Why do we often disconnect from our inner wisdom?

We are so busy nowadays, aren’t we?

We are way up in our heads most of the time, trying our best to live a life we don’t always understand.

In our attempt to survive, we often forget that this energy moves though us at all time and it will make our existence way easier.

The reason we forget is because we suffer from the so called “human condition”.

The game of life is nothing but a constant moving in and out of our default state of harmony and joy.

We continuously forget what we are really made of, only to remember moments later.

When we suddenly calm down and our mind is quieter, we are able to hear life whispering to us.

Why can’t we just be in a good space all the time?

I don’t know, actually.

No one does really.

It’s the great mystery of our life.

What I do know, though, is that this eternal wisdom is always available to us.

There is nothing more for us to do than just be present as much as we can with whatever we’ve got, whether it’s tears or laughter.

When we come to accept life what what it really is, we stop fighting it.

In our surrendering lies the ability to open up to something greater that only wants us to move forward and grow.

We stop moving all the time and learn to be present with whatever life brings to us.

That’s where our inner knowing is: in our presence despite every day tribulations.

So make 2020 the year when you finally make time to tap into your inner wisdom.

If my words got you curious enough but you are unsure on how to do this by yourself, do reach out and don’t go alone.

When you book one of my “wisdom within” sessions, you will learn what has stopped you so far from trusting your inner voice and how to start being more in tune with it instead.

Mostly, you will learn how incredibly easier life becomes when you realize something greater than yourself has always had your back!

In – Joy,

Antonia Lyons





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