Bliss in the CitySummer is over!

Straw hats and flip flops packed away, life is back to normal.

The tube is crammed again, hordes of screaming kids on their way to school, and everybody is counting the days ’till Christmas.

103 days to be precise (I have counted it!).

Wouldn’t be lovely if every day could feel like a lazy afternoon by the pool, cocktail in one hand and no worry in the world?

Only that holidays don’t always turn that way and apart from one too many cocktails under the sun, there is always the chance our time away will let us down.

In all fairness I’m not big on holidays, both because I like my bed very much and also ’cause I don’t really buy this whole “must go away not matter what” thing.

Sometimes a “stay-cation” is all one needs to recharge and rest.

I came to look at it this way one beautiful morning while away on the Isle of Wight.

During what turned to be the hottest week of the year, we got to stay in an enchanting place with access to waterfalls and private gardens.

It truly was a feast to the senses.

Yet I spent most of the time upset at my husband’s lack of “sunbathing” skills as he got burned the moment we set foot on the beach.

I also got annoyed at how slow paced things are out there and how locals are so very friendly.

“Why is everybody so damn slow and smiley?”, I kept on thinking.

Yep, that was the time when I realized what 20 years in London does to you.

The day before leaving I woke up still feeling  truly peed off at various major yet extremely minor things, and decided to find comfort in the garden.

Sitting in the rising sun, while hearing the sound of the waterfalls I saw how it was almost time to go home and I had not rested at all.

I felt cheated on and bitterly disappointed.

I didn’t want to leave as I was desperate for some peace & quiet.

But I closed my eyes and I let the sunshine warm my face and the sound of the water soothe my spirit.

My mind went extremely quiet and in one endlessly brief moment everything stopped.

Right there I knew that the beautiful feeling I had just experienced was not coming from the outside.

Bliss in The CityI could have been sitting anywhere in the world and still feel the same wellness and ease.

It was a knowing so deep and certain, that day I experienced first hand the power of a clear mind.

I suddenly felt fresh and recharged and happy I still had a couple of days to enjoy so much beauty!

When we are in a good mental space, life feels pleasant and easy regardless of where we are.

I bet you are all thinking “Yea whatever girl, you ain’t discovered nothing new!”

But why is it that we often dread going back to our routine as if holiday time were our only opportunity to really relax?

Because we rarely allow ourselves to go back to our innate well-being.

We believe that only comes from the outside and under certain conditions.

But we can only ever experience our thinking of life.

And when our mind is free from heavy thoughts suddenly we get a lovely and relaxed feeling.

And that belongs to us only; not to places, things or people.

So, am I saying stop saving up for your holidays and seat at home watching TV ’cause it’s all the same?

No, not all.

Go off and have fun!

Go and explore and chill out in the sun (cocktails are allowed too!)

But do so knowing that in the end what really matters is how relaxed your mind is!


Wrapping it up:

  • Next time you feel in need of a break, go for a nap or just lay on the sofa doing nothing (And I mean nothing! Being on Netflix only counts if you are watching “good for the heart” movies). We usually only allow ourselves to do this when we are on holiday, but how about make it the norm? We recharge when our mind and body are at rest, no matter where we are
  •  Buddhist monks at the Plum Village have one weekend of rest a month. While this may not really work for everyone, dedicate a Saturday or Sunday once in a while to do something inspiring and light. Your mind will unwind and your body will feel strong again
  • While away on vacation, if you still feel burdened by worries do not panic. When you leave your mind alone, it will do what it does best. Calm down, go quiet and start giving you new thoughts. When that happens the real fun begins









Antonia Lyons @ Evoking Grace

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