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Welcome to You’ve got the magic”, a monthly space featuring exceptional folks who evoke the best in themselves & others through their service, their passion, their creativity and a special way to navigate the often stormy waters of life.

And how do they do that?

These are people who look behind what they see, who are aware of something bigger than themselves and who allow their hearts to grow and evolve moment to moment, whatever is unfolding around them.Meadow Linn
It’s my privilege to kick off “You’ve got the magic” with the fabulously delicious Meadow Linn  the talented “Mystic Chef “ who, through her passion for food infused with a strong native heritage has been showing others how to “savor the day” !

I first encountered Meadow’s great gifts through her enchanting book Mystic Cookbook.Mystic Cookbook

It literally changed my way to look at food, not just as a means to nurture my body, but my senses as well. Coming from an Italian background, always lead me to think that cooking would be innate within me, but after reading Meadow’s words I realized how that had never been a source of joy, but rather of stress. I suddenly saw how preoccupied I had become with what was good and not so good, what was healthy and what wasn’t and I didn’t like that. Most of all, I didn’t like the idea that my loved ones would feel uncomfortable with experiencing the joys of the table with me because of all my if’s, buts and maybes.
Being Italian means sharing food as you’d share your love, and I suddenly saw no love but only rules. This made me realize how the lack of fluidity and passion wasn’t just confined to my kitchen but to other aspects of my life.
So with the aid of Meadow’s insights and recipes, I embarked on a journey that saw me leaving behind calories, scales and obsession with “only healthy & organic food” to embrace a deeper, more joyful and certainly sensual way to enjoy food to the delight of my soul and my husband who is now addicted to Meadow’s “Superhero Pancakes.

So let’s hear it from the Lady herself…Meadow Linn
1) Where does your passion for food come from and how did it end up becoming your gift to the world?
I’ve been passionate about cooking for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest childhood memories are in the kitchen. When I was too small to reach the cupboards, I would drag a chair from the dining room into the kitchen and use it to climb into the upper cabinets. I created my first dish when I was just three years old. I’ve always loved cooking (and eating!), but I’m also passionate about how we eat. My mom told me that even when I was a toddler, I would insist we have dinner at the dining table. Sometimes my parents preferred to eat on the floor by the fire, but I always insisted we sit at the table with a full table setting.
I’m on a mission to share my easy, healthy, and (hopefully) delicious recipes with as many people as possible to spread the word that good food filled with love doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or complicated.
2) How do you “savor your day”?
I try to find at least one thing each day that brings me joy. Sometimes it’s something really small. For instance, this afternoon as I was pulling the gate closed across my driveway, I noticed a stunning magenta hibiscus. Simply taking the time to notice this flower filled me with so much delight. I live in an area of Los Angeles that’s not particularly known for its scenery (there’s a liquor store on practically every corner), but in that moment, I felt like I lived in the most beautiful place in the world. I used to only get to see hibiscus flowers on vacation, but now I get to live somewhere where there’s a whole bush of them growing in my patch of dirt next to my driveway! If that’s not something to savor, then I don’t know what is!
Another way I savor my day…Sometimes I like to enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner. Rather than just gulping the wine as soon as I pour it from the bottle, I like to take time to “cheers.” We usually only cheers when we’re with others; however, I like to do this when I’m alone. I raise my glass and think of the good things that happened during the day, then I say, “cheers.” This is a great way to reflect on the day and remember the things that brought me joy, filled me with awe, made me proud, or made me feel accomplished.
3) How do you evoke the best in yourself and others?
I simply try to be the best Meadow I can be. Kindness is really important to me. I try to be kind as often as possible, though I admit that sometimes this is easier said than done. I’m naturally optimistic, which I think helps me see the best in people and situations. As a coach, I do my best to listen and encourage my clients to find their own answers. I think that’s the only way we can truly evoke the best in others.
4) How do you bring in grace when life does not go your way?
I’ve had my fair share of meltdowns and tear-stained sheets over the years. As a result, I’ve discovered that it’s really important to allow myself to feel whatever emotions come up. It can be healing to give a voice to what is true for me in that moment. However, I’ve also found that finding something to savor—a colorful sunset, a crisp autumn apple, a beautiful flower—can help pull me out of a funk and return a sense of equanimity to my life.
5) And finally: sweet or savoury?
Oh goodness. That’s a tough one. Just a little bit ago I was savoring the most delicious piece of dark chocolate. I love good desserts. However, overall, if I had to choose one, I’d say savoury. Even as a kid, if given the option between having dessert or eating more dinner, I always went for the savoury option.

So what’s cooking good-looking?

Follow Meadow on Savor the day and learn how to turn cooking into your sacred time.


Art by Mandy Crandell “A little sparkle”.


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Welcome into my world

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