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Star of this month’s edition of “You’ve got the magic” is the endearing   Nena Lega.

I first encountered Nena’s talent at the start of my coaching career, when I decided that among the many things I was juggling at the time, it’d be a good idea to start a blog.

While it was clear that I was not going to win the Pulitzer award any time soon, blogging gave me the splendid opportunity to connect with very unique people from  other countries I may never be able to meet otherwise.

One day, looking for inspiration, I ended up on, and I felt a sudden warmth in my heart! Reading Nena’s blog was such a feel good experience, that I decided to get in touch to pay homage to such a beautiful way to “speak” to the world.

Nena, who is a registered dietitian and holds a master in mental health counselling, has a fresh & joyful approach to everyday matters, so much so that her posts never fail to bring lightness to our very complicated life.

Let’s hear it from the Lady herself:Nena Lega

You are a registered dietitian and hold a master’s degree in mental health counselling.  How has this effected your path and the way you you live your life?

Nutrition is key to the prevention of chronic disease and it is essential for our overall health. Unfortunately, our healthcare system focuses a lot more on reaction than pro-action as well as separating an individual into parts instead of treating them as a whole person. I decided early on (while I was in high school) that I wanted to be a therapist/counselor and I knew that in order to do so I needed a graduate degree. That is where nutrition comes in.  I have always been keen on the importance of eating healthy and figured I would study and make a career out of it while I continued my graduate studies for psychology. Most jobs out there for nutrition or psychology do not necessarily include the full use of both degrees because you either get hired as a dietitian or as a mental health therapist/counselor, but not both. For this reason, I have moved my mindset to a more holistic approach and in the job I have currently (my title is health coach) as well as my everyday life, I treat and look at others as a whole; body, mind, and soul.

What prompted you to become a fitness trainer? 

I am humbled by the term “fitness trainer” and I appreciate the title, but I do not consider myself to be one. I have always enjoyed exercise and as I get older I learn to appreciate more the importance of keeping our bodies in motion. “If you don’t move it you lose it” is what I like to say LOL

All of our muscles, including our heart, need movement for strength, endurance, and longevity. Our bones, the structures that support us, depend on our muscles to sustain them. Therefore, in essence, exercise is a huge part of our sustenance.

For this reason, I enjoy sharing with others my personal workout routine to encourage and promote life! So maybe I am more of a “life trainer” 😛

What balance means to you? How do you evoke the best in others? 

I believe balance is very unique to each person. We all have various views on what is important to each of us so our priorities are not all the same or in the same order. I believe finding peace within ourselves gives us a sense of balance and we do that by appreciating what we do have, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through that appreciation of ourselves and the people and things around us we receive revelation of the blessings we already have, the beauty of our flaws, and the strength for growth.

How do you bring in grace when life doesn’t go your way? 

Here comes gratitude once again! Life doesn’t go as planned all the time, but looking back at some of the things that didn’t happen in my life I am grateful because I would not be who I am today. I have learned from mistakes, pain, failures, and disappointments and if life went my way I would not experience any of the latter. Falling down and feeling defeated is not pleasant, but without certain obstacles we would not gain wisdom from the experience.

Are you a kind of “plan it all” girl or going with the flow is your credo? 

I am mainly a “plan it all” girl. I like to be able to organize myself to get things done and get the most out of my days. But, like mentioned above, I am fully aware that things will not always go exactly as planned. Therefore, I am flexible and adjust to move with the current and not against it.

They say we are spiritual beings having a material experience: how do infinite and form meet in your world?

I believe they are intertwined and mutually exclusive. In other words, we are beings made up of spiritual/emotional/mental and physical elements and we can’t fathom the essence of our identity by eliminating or excluding any of them. There is healing in discovery and we unravel who we are holistically; body, mind, soul.

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Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

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