I often get asked what Evoking Grace stands for and it always amazes me how surprised people are to hear that the concept behind it came to me few years back during a very eventful holiday.

I was working long hours at the time.

While trying to juggle my day time job and take my business off the ground, life stopped being fun for a while.

And to confirm an old cliche’, I booked a holiday thinking to make things better.

So there I was, in this idyllic holiday resort, and it was clear right from the start that this was going to be a holiday from hell.

Nothing pleased me!

Not even the fact that our room had private access to the most exquisite creek and waterfalls.

I was miserable.


I was completely overwhelmed with million of thoughts, unable to feel any joy, any gratitude for the incredible vacation we were able to treat ourselves to.

Then on our last day there, I just went and sat by the sea, feeling a bit sorry for myself.

And then all of the sudden it seemed like the whole world had stopped.

I stopped.

There was no sound, no thought.

Everything went completely quiet.

And I experienced a Joy, a Calm, a Stillness, I had never experienced in my life.

I felt a Gratitude I never thought could exist.

And there was only myself & the sea.

The same sea I had failed to appreciate and even look up to that moment.

And so that exquisite feeling had to come from me.

It had to be my own Bliss.

And I knew with all my being that this peace belonged to me and it would follow me wherever I went from then on.

That is Grace.

Grace is the Silent Tranquility we experience when we are not lost in our Personal Mind.

It’s the Space we sense around us when we are not burdened by our constant thinking.

Grace is the Joy that embraces us no matter of what’s happening around us.

There will always be challenges and ups and downs, ’cause Life will always do her thing.

But when we keep ourselves rooted within our own wisdom and resilience,then we weather any storm.

Grace is our natural state and stress is just a very clever way our system uses to lets us know that we are going astray,

How do we Evoke Grace?

We evoke it by keeping ourselves Aware.

Aware of how human mind really works, how that effects us moment to moment.

Aware of our emotions and how entwined they are with our thinking.

Aware of our body and how thinking and emotions really effect it and very often deprive it of vital energy.

When we become aware of ourselves, we become aware of the World and we start responding to it rather than reacting all the time.

And that’s Freedom.

Because when we go through our day able to make conscious choices then we are FREE for we don’t depend on the outside world to feel happy.

EVOKE GRACE = AWARENESS = FREEDOM: here is the formula to a Quiet Mind, a Joyful Heart and a Strong Body.

Antonia Lyons



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