The one thing my puppy has taught meEarlier this year, my husband and I started to toy with the idea of owning a puppy.

I’m not quite sure how that came about really.

Perhaps it was watching other people happily playing with their pets in our local park.

Or maybe feeling the need to come out of our comfort zone.

Or simply wanting to give love and a good life to a special friend.

I just know that 2 months ago we ended up collecting our  “Coton de Tulear” on a sunny Saturday morning and since then life as we knew it has changed quite a bit.

As I write this, I’m watching my darling Zhibbi scoffing her raw breakfast and I’m just amazed how different things are now at home.

I’ve never been one of those who run around shouting “Bring on the Changes, cause Changes are Great!

Nope, that never was me.

I like my routine.

I like to know that I’ll be doing “Y” at “X” time.

And yes, of course, I can adjust to what life throws at me – we all can, right?

But, really, I’d rather stick with my routine ’cause it feels comforting and nice.

I also pride myself to be the perfect “missus of the house”: a delightful combination between a great host and a meticulous cleaner.

I used to say, not really jokingly, that people could eat off our kitchen floor.

Well, those days are gone.

And there is no point in me thinking it’s only ’til Zhibbi grows.

I’m well aware that our life has changed and for now being my usual “house proud” won’t serve anyone.

So my husband, Zhibbi and I are now lingering in a place where we are all trying to live together.

And whilst we figure that out, mistakes are made, boundaries are laid and the floor gets cleaned and re cleaned.The one thing my pup has taught me

What struck me the most though is one insight I had the other morning while cleaning up after my adorable pooch.

As she is only small, we are still potty training her.

Some days are better than others, but let’s just say I never thought our home will soon turn into some “mobile toilet”.

The other day Zhibbi decided not to wait for her morning walk and thought opening her tiny bowels at home on one of her training pads, was a better idea.

I’m not squeamish at all about the whole picking up puppy poop thing, I think I handle it pretty well (no pun,intended.)

In the time it took me to see the small brown accident, go to the kitchen and get some gloves, spray and a bag, I turned around and there stood my cute puppy, smiling at me, with the poop in her mouth.



I just looked at this “thing”, hard and round…

And when I then looked at her, so white and fluffy, she stared back at me.

In that moment, I got lost in her piercing eyes.

And in that moment I felt something I never ever felt before.

Pure acceptance.

As my pup and I kept holding each other’s gaze, I realised that this gorgeous cotton ball is also a “poop eater“.

No nicer way to say it.

And how generous of her wanting to share so much of herself with me.

So I suddenly realised how we humans just don’t do that.

No, I’m not talking about the poop sharing thing.

What I mean is that we don’t really accept one other that easily nor give others the opportunity to offer themselves just as they are.


“Take me as I am” – the young and pure soul smiled at the world.

“Sure, thank you for your gift!” – the world said. “Now, could you please change a bit like this, and then like that, and a little more like this”, the world carried on.

That’s how most of us are.

“I love you and accept you, as long as…”

There are rules and etiquette to follow in the human world.

As I ponder the nicest way to refuse my adorable pup’s smelly gift, I resolve to be a little more accepting and a little more forgiving.

Just because life feels way nicer when you allow her to show all her colors.



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