Our Life is a Scared Choice

I’m writing the following post in the aftermath of the Manchester atrocities earlier this week.

I’m not going to get political nor am I going to say that we are all one and we all should love one another.

Well, that would be nice but it’s a story for another time.

Instead I’m going to tell you why, despite the world being in absolute mayhem at the moment, I will not give up on my love for this crazy, crazy life.

I felt the urgency to do so after a client asked me how I cope with things being so fickle and difficult right now.

I simply do not cope! INSTEAD I CHOOSE! 

When we remember the opportunity every moment carries, then Life becomes a Sacred Choice.

How do we choose when everything around us falls away?

And can we undo the choices made when they no longer support us and those we love?

I could tell you that whatever is happening is part of a “Divine Plan” that sees us soldiering on through darkness until we meet the light again.

Or that up in the sky every astrological aspect points us to growth through hardship.

I could even describe how a “shift” in human consciousness is bringing about all sorts of unsettling scenarios.

Yes, I could really go into details why life looks more like a bad prank gone wrong and less like a Divine gift.

But I won’t cause the less our mind holds right now, the more our heart can hear. Click To Tweet

I’m not interested so much in the “whys” as I am in what we do with however Life is unfolding right now.

We can’t stop anyone from “blowing their lives away” nor can we fully accept the motifs behind their terrifying choices.

We can remember, instead, how precious our Life is.

Every. Single. Moment of it.

The whole world hears the inconsolable lament of grief-stricken mothers.

Many souls, young & old, are being sacrificed.

But as I walk through every day, I get to choose whether to give in to hatred or celebrate Life in all that she holds and carries with her.

Even when I can’t understand.

Even when it’s ugly and frightening.

And in my choosing I sense a reverence that goes behind what my mind can grasp.Our Life is a Sacred Choice

My adoration for life despite our gloomy times emerged the day that changed the world forever.

After hearing of the massacre in NY on 9/11, I wandered tirelessly through the streets of London railing against a cruel and senseless life.

I walked & walked ’till I could walk no more.

Brokenhearted and furious I eventually opted to go home.

It was only when a small group of “travellers” children came and set next to me on the train later on that day, that something clicked inside.

With their scruffy hair and dirty faces, they all look like mischievous little angels!

They started to talk to me in a foreign language, all at the same time.

When they pointed at my red nails I realised they wanted me to paint theirs!

Of course, the vain queen that I am, I’d carry my nail colour with me!

So there I was, giving a speedy manicure to my new friends on a very busy train.

In that instant I sensed that Life was revealing her continuity to me through those adorable little rascals!

While their excited laughter soothed my broken heart, I saw how there will always be things my small mind will fail to comprehend.

But what my mind won’t grasp, my heart will feel!

Since that day I have decided to always try and choose Life.

A life that over & over again does find a way where there seems to be none.

I offer my gratitude to a world that is often harsh and unpredictable because I’m aware that it’s never just about me, or you.

There is much more that the eye meets and in that space, for a moment, our wounded soul rests in the beauty that always was and always will be.


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