Happy 2016!

While I prepare myself to write the very first post of this newborn year, I realize that many will be expecting it to be on resolutions, goals & some magic trick to make all dreams come true.

In all fairness, I’m still coming to terms with the ending of last year, which felt rather “hasty” and intense.

If you asked me I’d say that I have not been a big fan of 2015, same as probably 99.9% of the human population! And as much as I’d love to say that I have been able to go beyond how life evolved through this quick year in front of our incredulous eyes and find the silver lining in everyday insane challenges, I can’t!

No, I was not always able to thank the Universe for sending us trial after trial, heartache after heartache and there seriously were moments when my heart struggled through so much pain & confusion, let alone my poor mind.

Sounds pretty grim, eh?

Still, I am here, and so are you, all survivors of the 3 Spirits of the Past, Present & Future, who in the longest dark night of the soul, have been showing us how our fear has deceived us all.

And so the choice is ours right now, for we are called to ditch what no longer serves its purpose to make room for a new way to be.

Wow, a “new way to be” : sounds prophetical doesn’t it?


So while many are probably enlisting all sorts of New Year Resolutions, I openly admit I do not have any.

Zero, nada, niente, none.

I want to enter 2016 bare, able to not know & still be ok..”ish”..with it!

I think most of us have grown tired of our striving & over achieving mindset towards life. I sense there is almost a sort of general reluctance on making long lasting commitments these days.

Still, we poor souls, do like a bit of pain and struggle when we can’t keep everything in check.

I admit that going from needing to plan the whole year ahead so to have a sense of order in otherwise very chaotic times, to not having any resolution may be a bit “too evolved” for our weary minds.

So at the end of 2015 I shared with all my clients anxious to enter the new year with the right mental attitude, a pearl of wisdom  a very senior mentor once shared with me during my coaching training, and which had allowed her to build a very successful business within a year.

Very much in tune with the nature of the time, my mentor realized very early in her career, that planning the  year ahead was only going to lead to frustration because dear life always gets in the way as it unfolds.

She quickly realized how  positive thinking not always helps, and so the whole “it will be OK” attitude had to go out of the window.


Rather than being obstinate and stick with her resolution or being defeated without even trying, she came up with a “win win attitude” which led her on a very exciting journey.

She asked herself at the start of every day what can I do today to help things move ahead? This simple yet powerful question helped her to be more consistent in taking small and efficient steps towards her goal and got her to accept whatever would unfold as necessary to reach her aim.

My mentor confessed she never had a business plan, never knew how much she would make or how many clients she’d get by the end of the year.

What she did was, instead, more fun and effective.

She took action every day and kept on building the bridge from where she was to where she clearly wanted to be.

Within a year she became rapidly in demand and was able to focus full time solely on her blooming career.

So, rather than embarking on yet another promising diet, or starting a new meditation course when your mind is still bombarding you with its nonsense, or setting yourself up to dominate the market with your business idea, how about you started to build your own little bridge right now and have fun while doing so?

Every day, while keeping in mind where it is you are heading at, as you let life unfold, just ask yourself  “what can I do today to make things move ahead?”.

One question, one action,one step forward and you will turn your goal into an inspiring and joyful journey.



Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

I’m the founder of Evoking Grace, a coaching program designed to inspire others to be their very best while bringing ease and balance into their everyday life. I can be contacted by email for more details on the work I offer or to schedule a free Wisdom Within Session. Follow my mumblings & musings on  Facebook Twitter & Pinterest to be part of my “online tribe”.