The last few years have felt like a superstorm. Energetically tumultuous & trying, they have demanded of us a new awareness and care to navigate the unforgiving weather rather than being battered by it. As we slowly learn to live from within the tempest, we allow ourselves to become different. A much larger version of all we thought we were up to the start of the new Millennium. 

We have come a long way since 2020, when we indeed got shaken to our core. 

That was the year we had to resort to our inner warrior to move through one of the most challenging times known to humankind. 

Covid 19 changed the world and demanded we use all our resources to start again. 2020 was only a steppingstone on the way to a greater peace and wholeness we have been called towards, both collectively and individually. 

Moving into 2021, we learnt to trust ourseleves in a new way. What did we really want out of life? Where were we heading? What and whom were we willing to leave behind? 

Suddenly we felt we deserved more and that we could start writing a new story, as we approached 2022. 

What could we tell differently? To ourselves and the world?

What did we dare to rewrite even when others told us that most stories are just the way they are? 

In 2023, it became clear that life as we knew it no longer was. The time had come to bring our divine self into everyday life. What once felt far and outside of us, was now an integral part of how we experienced every moment. 

That was the “Soul-Full” year and gifted us with the sweet awareness that we are being joined by a very special companion along the way. For so long we have looked up at the sky, wishing to connect with something mightier than us. Now, we start looking within to feel our soul. No longer something to read in ancient texts or strive for, this reunion enables us to become very present in all our human experiences. 

Presence is the word for 2024. If we are to finally reach the stillness awaiting us within this raging storm, we ought to offer our presence to life with respect and care. How do we show up for ourselves & others? Can we create space in all relations, so we can grow into a larger version of our old selves? 

How do we live bigger? 

As we expand, so does the storm, until we are left standing still, with what’s behind and what’s before. We gaze upon the open space around us, we consider the new potential inviting us to be explored, we contemplate the life wishing to be lived. 

We are becoming seasoned soul sailors, as we navigate the vast stormy seas trusting that we are never far from our inner shore. 

May you be waveringly present and uncompromising in your desire to grow. May you gaze out over the vastness knowing shelter is always within reach. And when you feel that you have lost your way, may you remember that you are your own North Star.

And so be it,

Antonia Lyons

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