With September, the business of the happy summer days starts dying off and everything around suddenly slows down.

It feels to me that this is when Life demands us that we are present with what unfolds each moment.

When we do that, we are able to offer a different awareness to our existence.

Some call that Wisdom, others Divine Intelligence.

I call it “living from within”.

‘Cause when we live from the stillness and silence we can only find within, suddenly Life feels very different altogether.

Yet we live in a World that is far from quiet and which we often run away from (quite rightly!) rather then giving our full attention to.

Our energies are scrambled because our nervous system is constantly bombarded with insane stimulus coming from an insane environment.

It’s a mad mad World out there, yet the only Life worth living is a Life we are firmly rooted in

Through Thick & Thin.

We din’t sign up for this Divine Union just so we could just have fun & be merry the whole time.

Nope, that’s not what we came here for.

We came here to grow and growth requires that we are present with what shows up moment by moment.

While seasonal transitions are notoriously unsettling, there is much we can do to keep ourselves grounded through the day.

Grounding Helpers

Whenever we feel disconnected, which is when we suddenly feel anxious, rushed, worried our best ally is always our breath.

I know it’s being said before, but we are still not breathing!

Not at least in a way that allows oxygen and chi to freely move around our organs, sooth our nervous system and guarantee optimal health to our body.

If anything, the way we normally breathe might actually be messing up our sleep, mood, digestion, heart, nervous system, muscles, brain, and even the development of our teeth and face structure.

Breathing is supposed to be calming, soothing and energizing so anything that feels different  may actually be damaging you.

Another grounding helper is Nature.

A little visit to your local park or simply pottering around at home with your favorite plants will only do you a world of good whenever you feel scattered and drained.

I often walk barefoot on grass, even just for 5 minutes!

I’m one of the lucky people who has the luxury of living somewhere urban yet abundantly leafy.

We also have a dog which means we get to spend a fair amount of time outdoors.

So whenever I’m in the park, and especially if I’m feeling particularly unsettled, I will take my shoes off and just enjoy the raw contact with the soil and the fresh grass!

Yep, even in winter before you ask (well not when it rains as I don’t do mud very well!).

Presence Makes Life A Gift

While we lazily leave summer behind, I invite you to find you own unique way to re connect to yourself through the business of every day life.

Whatever helps you soothing your endocrine & nervous system, do more of that.

You soon will notice how your presence feels stronger and bigger.

More importantly you will be firmly standing within your own Wisdom through every Season of Life.



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