Dear Friends,

May you Follow Your Light this Christmas.
As the world distracts us from our visceral need to find restoration and quiet within ourselves, the darkness awaits us. There, in the depth of our core, the absence of light no longer scares us. We come to trust it as we sense its reassuring embrace holding us still. We stay and pause, allowing the frenzy inhabiting our body to slowly leave us. Breath after breath, our heart expands a bit more as we become familiar with our new dwellings.

“You have come back at last. I have been expecting you. You are as beautiful as I can remember, my precious little star.” the darkness rumbles all around us with words we cannot hear but only feel. Sensing its vast presence, we unexpectedly remember that what we have always feared was no other than a safe container holding our brilliance. Darkness has known who we are all along, and generously sheltered us from the harshness of life, offering us sanctuary whenever our light dimmed down. Deep in our dark core, we come to rest and restore. We come to remember our light. Trust it and cherish it. As we gratefully surrender into an invisible embrace.
Beloveds, may you remember at this sacred time that you are the stars you have seen up in the sky but never felt close enough to. May you follow your own light, always. And when dark deepens around you, may you trust that you’re held safely in love and adoration.
Warmest wishes,
Antonia Lyons

Antonia Lyons

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