Don Sutherland Spring Love

First day of spring and my heart goes “ahhhhhhh”, as if wanting to breathe out any of the darkness winter left behind.

I’m happy because I love spring.

I always have.

Even as a child, I could sense the immense potential held in the days becoming longer and warmer.

This is our time to plant the seeds to then harvest later on in the year. While experiencing a renewed energy, we look at where we are in our life and start planning. We open ourselves to new possibilities, new adventures.

And while we ease ourselves into the light the longer days bring, there is a moment just around the equinox when time stands still.

When “what was” is not quite gone and “what follows” next hasn’t quite begun.

These “times in between” hold much magic and fresh insights. Between the “beginning” and the “end”, there is a time when neither has totally happened and from this sacred space we are given the power to heal our soul, our body, make amends with the past and bring joy to our world.

And so my invite to you is to make this your sacred space.

No matter where you are today, let this be your “space in between” where “no thing” is happening and all is in balance.

From here it will be easy to look at what you are leaving behind and what you are walking towards.

Do you feel you learnt something in the last months that can open new doors?

As we move into the new season, it’s helpful to look at what we accomplished. For instance I came across a new understanding to incorporate within my coaching which has led me to start an exciting course and got me in touch with some pretty amazing, and extremely experienced coaches. This has really opened my mind and gave me new insights.

What new skills have you developed or are in the process to master?

Do you feel you have changed?

In the past few months, do you feel you have started looking at life in a different way? What have you realized about yourself that could have an impact on your journey from now on? I had to finally accept that my path is my path, and I’m the only one walking it and therefore the only one who may ever be able to understand it. Realizing this was a pretty tough moment in my life, because meant having to let go of some dynamics within my family which I was so used to but which were extremely unhealthy. Despite the roughness of the moment, the freedom I now feel is both reassuring and comforting, and this allows a new and stronger commitment to my path.

So was there a moment when you had to let go of something? And how do you feel looking back?

Osvaldo Eaf A different perspective

What do you want to plant?

Spring is the perfect time to look ahead and envision something bigger for the rest of the year. What seeds do you want to plant now so to enjoy a rich harvest later on in Fall? For me, bringing a new understanding in the way I coach is a way to start creating my little crop to harvest later in autumn, which is really when my soul is in its element. I don’t know how the journey will unfold, but it’s enough for me to sense that this is an exciting time, rich in opportunities and new ideas.

Plan your harvest carefully.

So with so much awaiting, it may be hard to choose what to prioritize first. When we suddenly feel so full of energy, it may be easy to over commit ourselves. Harvest has to be planned carefully so that the seeds won’t all mature at once, same as ideas need prioritizing so that we won’t need more attention than we have to give. Look at what you have growing right now, what can you really take on and complete? Does that make you feel excited and enthusiastic? Does it nourish you? Then do more of that otherwise ditch it because it’s taking away vital energy you may instead invest on something else.

Be flexible.

To be successful at this harvesting business, you have to be prepared to change because nature is unpredictable. So once you plant your seeds for this new season, indulge in some serious flexibility. Often we are quite set in our ways, leaving little room to sudden changes which, really, are just the one constant in life. And even though we may have chosen the highest quality seeds, we may have the best positioned land and the most advanced tools, when we get in the way of life we alter a perfect process which has run its course. The intelligence that moves within us and all around us has it all in hand and our job is to plant new ideas while we dance with life.

So take one step at a time while preparing your crop. Look at what you have now, what can be used, what needs throwing away. Can you care for it by yourself? Will you need help? Do you have enough space to plant all your seeds? Would you rather save some for next season?

Most of all, will your crop bring joy to you and those around you?


Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

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