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After posting Feel your dreams (Part 1) I have been asked on more that one occasion if I’m a “Master thinker” and if all my dreams do come true at the mere blink of an eye.

While I’m still looking for the perfect magic wand after the last one I bought was total rubbish and wouldn’t even turn doves into rabbits, I must admit that questions like these never fail to amuse me!

I’m certainly not what you’d call a wishful thinker any longer, and in time I have come to understand that life never really is that straightforward and there’s always something more than meets the eye.

There was a time when I wondered why others would choose poverty over abundance, despair over happiness, ignorance over growth and it was only when I embarked on my holistic career that I realized that often self help books will tell you the nice bit, leaving the bad bit for someone else to write about. And the bad bit is that while we are so busy coming up with the most elaborated positive affirmations, which will grant all our wishes to take form, inside we are literally crapping ourselves cause we desperately need to control our life in order to survive.

Inside we are just hoping that the bad stuff that happened in the past won’t happen again and that our new stuff conforms to our expectations.

We are so busy orchestrating reality, that we have dismissed one small, huge, detail. You can tell the Universe you are going to have a great life, in fact you can actually shout at the Universe you are going to have an amazing life, but you are probably going to stay with your butt glued on your old sofa ’till you realize that your wants, needs and intentions won’t count much if you are not aware of what rules them.

Rules are decisive with regard to how we manifest our reality yet are often left out of the whole “wishing game” because they may be hard to understand and look like time wasters while we are reaching for the moon.

Yet if we don’t understand what rules our thoughts, emotions and behaviors our little magic wands will be just dried woody sticks!

A rule is a program, a direction or a set of directions that orchestrates how we experience life.

Where does it come from?

While it may be easy to think of rules as written decrees that manage our every day life in order to keep balance and safety, what I’m describing here is something we all have picked up along the way since a very young age, like rocks in a backpack.

One by one, we have put together a nice collection of shiny stones mum & dad gave us, the teachers at school, the ministry at our local church, the media etc. and we thought well to hide them in our backpack so not only we could fit in, but we could also then be safe.

As a result, our “subconscious backpack ” is now so heavy we find it hard to move towards anything new on our path to growth and evolution.

While we are busy complaining about bad luck or misfortune and how the grass is always greener for those around us, we fail to investigate what thoughts and behaviors rule our lives.

We are so preoccupied with ensuring our dreams come true, so we have life under check, that we have forgotten to observe the constant patterns that sabotage our success in creating ease and harmony for ourselves.

No wonder why most of us think the damn positive affirmations don’t work.

They don’t work because we are asking for abundance while we have a “poor little old me” attitude, we are asking for love while thinking we always get dumped, we want peace while we think of ourselves as aggressive and it’s ok to be so.

So are we doomed to a mediocre life, destined to watch others evolve & prosper while we are still trying to figure out why no magic wand ever works for us?

Not exactly, but there is work to do.

And the work is very easy & fun once we realize that rules are not good or bad, right or wrong and a neutral attitude is what we need to start off with. The more charged, angry, resentful we are, the harder it will be to change our rules. The more we argue for our limitations, the heavier our rucksack becomes.

The biggest challenge in working with old rules is to literally bring them out in the day light and just look at them.

Look at them from a neutral place, sit with whatever comes up while we are observing them and then, simply, ask yourself “do I still want this”?

If you don’t, get that rock out of your pack and just enjoy feeling a bit lighter.

The hard bit is that we identify so well with our unconscious rules that letting them go feels a bit like ‘dying.’ As teacher & researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza says in his best seller Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, we need to become NO-BODY, NO-THING, in NO-TIME, in order to reinvent ourselves and create rules that support us. And that can be a very challenging thing to do unless we are supported by a strong will to evolve and be free of our limitations.

Only then can we allow new rules to take form.

So do we still need a program that rules our life after all?

Yes we do, because our bodies are elemental and we need programs in order to have experiences. Without rules we would just sit there with nothing much happening and the world as we know it is all about movement and creation.

[tweetthis]The best rules are the ones that move us towards love, wisdom, generosity, grace & growth.[/tweetthis]

So how about thinking of positive affirmations as rules we create to experience a certain feeling in life, as supposed to get us the new car, bigger house, rich boyfriend, luxurious holiday?

How about we learnt how to feel the desire for a bigger car, or a nicer home ensuring that what our mind is thinking our body is feeling at the same time? Can you “feel wealth” when there are bills to pay? Can you “feel love” even when there’s no sign of your dream soul mate ever appearing in your life? Can you “feel senior” even when your boss is out to get you?

As we choose thoughts & feelings that empower us our dreams start taking shape.

What are you choosing?

Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

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