DreamsBeing a coach means being asked quite frequently about the Law of Attraction and if it’s true we can make our wildest dreams come true just by thinking positive.

Questions are usually asked at the most inconvenient times, like when I was at a friend’s barbecue and I was attempting to go through 12 chicken wings without having to do any small talk.

Standing across the garden, looking chirpy and optimistic, my friend frantically states “I really believe I’m on the way to make 1 million pounds”, followed but a rather short and abrupt sigh which sounds more like “Well I have just said it…that’s it…Yes I do want to be filthy rich and yes maybe I’m just being very deluded here”.

As I’m looking at her, praying to God that what I’m actually thinking won’t show on my face (I do have a very expressive face I have been told!) and hoping I’ll be able to finish my chicken wings before they go cold, I ponder what to say for the last thing I want is to be a “dream crusher” and…lose a friend.

I say that’s very great news (oh the power of faking it…it must come from my days in fashion!) and ask how she intends to make that happen.

A rather awkward silence falls between us, and while I reach for all the supernatural help available to keep myself compassionate and clear of judgement (very, very hard indeed!), my friend suddenly mumbles that she is not quite sure yet of the how but rather she is completely adamant this richness yet to be found belongs to her by divine right because it’s written in the new book she’s been reading lately. Such a good book in fact, she devoured it just one rainy afternoon and that’s when enlightenment came to her. Apparently, the author says, there’s a vast abundance of everything we may wish for and we just need to ask.

Uhm, I wonder why I’m still waiting to receive the mansion with indoor pool and spa I asked for when I was 10 years old after deciding public places were not for me after all!

Having reached the limit of nonsense level I allow to others, I suggest we carry on talking about the Law of Attraction when we next meet and I ask her to pay attention to how she “feels” whenever thoughts of wealth and prosperity come to her mind. But most of all, how she feels when there are bills to pay, unexpected expenses and anything that may affect her sense of abundance.

I have a problem with some of the books on the Law of Attraction, and before you think it’s jealousy about the writers’ bank accounts, let me reassure you of my genuine motifs.

I do believe there is Higher Intelligence within us and all around us, as I do believe there are things we came to do in this life time our soul will guide us towards, but I also believe that we have grown extremely fixated on the “healthy, wealthy, happy” formula ignoring that life evolves for the ones who are very clear about what it is that they want, and the ebbs are to be treasured as much as the flows.

That is where most people will get stuck on planet earth, when they are reaching for the stars!

While we all know what we don’t want, it’s actually quite hard to state what it is that we actually want.

We all know we don’t want to be ill, or over drawn at the bank, overweight, sad, misunderstood and so forth.

But what is it that we really want?

And why is it that as we attempt to define what we want, we are crippled by fears, guilt and doubts?

How many times have you found yourself saying you’ll never be broke or depressed again but couldn’t quite make it to the bit when you become very clear about what you want to bring into your life? You couldn’t because of those little demons stuffed into the darkness of your subconscious that suddenly pop up in your head, bombarding you with invalidating thoughts.

It’s all well and good to say you’re on your way to be rich, slim, fit, and successful in whatever you choose. It’s quite another thing to follow this up while you battle your own scary gloomy inner monsters.

And so while most people will be gibbering, “I want to be healthy, wealthy, happy” like a parrot in a trance, inside they’ll be feeling rather the opposite.

We’ve been taught to think rather then to feel, so we believe thoughts will be our own personal “genie”.

“I’m going to be rich” usually hides the worry of not having enough, “I’m going to find love” most frequently hides the fear of not being enough or having very high expectations.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

You have to be so very clear about what you want to manifest and you must ensure that how you are feeling matches that at all time, even when you had a bad day, the world turned on you, no one loves you and you stuffed your face with a triple chocolate cake that was begging you to eat it….ok you can see where this is going!

Can you remember a time when you put out there the most positive thoughts about a dream you had only to see it crashing miserably?

What happened?

You simply didn’t know that the Universe mentioned in most books on the LOA (fancy abbreviation for the Law of Attraction) doesn’t think or speak any particular language.

That vast Universe is, in fact, a “vibrating” field of energy which will resonate to you the very way you feel.

So as you turn yourself into the perfect “wishful thinker” you’re probably trying to stop your past from becoming your future and the almighty Universe which adores you so much will be sending you more of what you dread because that’s how you are vibrating.

You will not run a successful business if you are feeling you are not worth it, same as you will not find the love you deserve while feeling that all men are bastards and ladies are gold diggers. In fact you’ll be attracting even more of that despite your attempts to put into practice whatever it is you read in all your books about positive thinking.

How do we start “feeling” our way to the good stuff we want in our life then?

And most of all, can we really learn how “to feel” life instead of being constantly trapped in our mind since we are made of habits?

Yes we can!

More to follow on part 2 of this post, but in the meanwhile I hope the following link will give you more food for thoughts about success and what may happen when we actually receive what we’ve been asking for http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/billionaire-who-sold-minecraft-to-microsoft-is-sad-and-lonely/


Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

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