Blessings Dear Friends,

May my words find you well.

Christmas is finally here and I don’t know about you, but I have been looking forward to it.

I do love this time of the year very much, with its mouth-watering cakes  and the jolliness in the air.

And yet, I am not quite sure a Merry Christmas was ever in the cards in baffling 2020.

We probably did try and get in the spirit of it; bought a few gifts, ordered the usual festive food on line, decorated our homes with tinsel and fairy lights.

After all this is what we humans are really good at: trying & trying.

Even when our heart tells us differently.

I sense this will always be the year when many of us wondered “what is the point?”

We probably really wondered if a few decorations & party food would make up for the hardship & uncertainty we have all been facing.

They certainly won’t, as what landed on our plate this year was never meant to be swept away quickly and carelessly.

So here is my wish for you all at this sacred time: Honour How You Are Feeling Right Now.

Whether it’s overwhelm, disbelief, or grief do acknowledge that this is what is in your heart.

Let it all be ok as only then you will allow it out of your space.

That is truly the greatest gift you shall ever give to yourself and those around.

When you can sit with the ugliness, you will see beauty when others can’t.

This festive Season may be very different, but if you let it be what it needs, then you may actually have a nice little Christmas after all.

May you always be all that you are, through darkness & light, tears & laughter, sadness & joy.

So it is,

Antonia Lyons


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