Dear Friends,

I have the strong feeling 2020 will be a very different year indeed.

Like nothing else we have experienced before.

The year just gone got us ready for what’s to come.

Gone is the burdensome fear that has prevented us from really using our gifts and talents, making space for a genuine desire to start living life in a deeper way.

What does that mean for you?

And where will it lead you?

2019 saw most of us coming face to face with deeply ingrained fears which we could no longer live with.

The encounter was terrifying yet unavoidable for this is the time when we are all being asked to show up in our magnificence.

And if small we are willing to stay, then the pain will just be overwhelmingly numbing.

I wish each one of you to go out there and be who you came to be this year.

Use those gifts, take pride in your talents.

Share them with others so we can all grow, ’cause human life only has meaning when we evolve.

May 2020 be the time when we You come first.

The You that has been hidden away ’cause someone told you, a long time ago, it wasn’t worth sharing with the world.

The You that bears hope and joy, dreams and life.

For you are Big, and were never meant to be otherwise.

Here is to a very, very Happy New Year.

Antonia Lyons

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