Bliss in the City“Come Fairy of Dreams, come.

Cast light where there is none.

In the solitude of our dark fears, let the spirit of the ones before us bring comfort and hope.

And where the eyes cannot see, let the heart find the path when we’re lost in the misty shadows of a world we created but forgot.

Come Fairy of Dreams, come.

How far down we are on that path, let it be enough for today.”

On this All Hallow’s Eve I wish you all enough stillness to venture down the depth of your heart, find a little spot where to rest while bringing some of  your old dreams back to life.

If you have been feeling weary lately, perhaps overwhelmed with the demands of a faster and faster life, make a point in the next few days to slow down, finding a more gentle pace to carry you through your life.

If you are not quite sure how to do that, just start with the small things you can easily let go of.

It’s easy to create a calmer space around you when you allow yourself to be mentally and physically quieter.

Perhaps choose a gentler activity at the gym this week, don’t spend as much time on social media or on the phone with friends, or simply spend some time making food from scratch which not only will nurture your body but also your soul.

No matter what you’ll go for, let the richness of these magical time bring light and joy to your heart.



Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

I’m the founder of Evoking Grace, a coaching program designed to inspire others to be their very best while bringing ease and balance into their everyday life. I can be contacted by email for more details on the work I offer or to schedule a free “Wisdom Within Session“. Follow my mumbling & musings on  Facebook Twitter & Pinterest to be part of my “online tribe”.