Every challenge brings a gift. 

The hard moments never feel unbearable when we see ourselves growing more and more into what we really came here to be. 


 I recently presented myself with a few rather special months, which offered me the opportunity to free myself from what felt like a thick and long chain around my whole being. 

We grow to believe things we often remain unaware of and which become the platform we stand on.

We wobble around wondering why we can never really feel still enough, no matter what we try and hold onto.

For a long time I had believed that my worth should sound more like perfection if I were to support others in their own growth.

But the more I tried to do that, the wobblier I felt.

You don’t get away with asking of yourself so much without being left utterly exposed to the world.

And naked I have been stripped down time and time again, until life graced me with a very painful yet pivotal turning point.

I never came to be perfect.

Far from it.

I never came to one day be finished, like a perfect masterpiece.

Quite the contrary in fact.

I, ever expanding source, will never be complete.

Every experience I have is not to take me to the finish line where I shall receive a nice shiny medal.

Everything I live is yet another little piece to add to my very alive inner tapestry.

When I saw this truth, I knew that the chain had become lose and I could finally start to be in life as I am only meant to.

Free from what the world thinks of me.

And the greatest gift I could offer this, often, very demanding world of ours is my own happiness.

How is that for a gift, uh?

We often wonder what our purpose may be and how we could be of service to others.  It is not easy to accept that we can only support those around to the degree which they are able to receive us.

While we obstinately try and rescue others from their own limitations, we become limited ourselves.

If we are to find a purpose in our life, let that be our own joy.

And if we are to share it, let’s do so by knowing that we can only uplift the world when we stand strong in our alignment with our bigger self.

Only then can we point those around us to their inner light, whenever they fear it has gone too dark outside.

They will come to see  how that light never ever dims and that darkness brings the promise of much goodness and wisdom.

May life’s unexpected turns be a reminder of where your freedom to choose lays and watch what happens. You will no longer rush to the end of your journey and have it all figured out.

You will stretch yourself through the endless moments arising along the way, in an ever going dance with your own soul.

Antonia Lyons


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