I live in London, UK. Here swanky skyscrapers blend together with ancient buildings into an hypnotic madness, which often makes you feel drunk.

I have spent the last 8 years writing about finding bliss in the city: a moment of quiet connection amidst the loud hustle and bustle.

My first ever post, released in May 2015, was an invitation to be present in the now moment, regardless of where we live. At the time, I was amused by the fact that so many people would be going off to faraway countries in the hope to find inner peace. The constant noise in this crowded metropolises stopped them from being able to “hear” themselves. Was their heart trying to speak to them? Was there an easier life awaiting them elsewhere?

Through the years I saw many people go and many people come back: what they had been looking for and possibly found, often stayed behind.

London swallows you in its endless roaring.

It is a very specific background noise, which I have not heard elsewhere. Almost as if it were part of the very fabric of this ancient land, the roaring permeates and haunts you. It comes with you wherever you go and it is hard to imagine life without.

Admittingly, I too have tried to move away from London many times. Escape from the franticness and the tourists, hoping to find a little quiet in the pretty English countryside. Only to come back home time again, disappointed by no place ever being “quite enough.” And puzzled about why that might be.

“No quite enough:” what does that even mean? Enough for what?

So I got really curious recently, after yet another failed daily trip – expedition to one of the most beautiful towns in the country. Famous for its idyllic scenery and thriving community, even this lovely place was just “not quite enough.” Baffled by the contrasting way I felt about staying and leaving, I suddenly saw why many of us choose the messy city life.

We are balance holders.

I thought I should be living by now somewhere spirit can be felt and breathed like air. It turns up I live in this concrete jungle because I hold enough balance for grace to stay present. Same as you.

In cities where conflicting creeds and ethnises are squashed together, where different people choose to live in very different ways, grace is present in the most unexpected places. Easy to miss, balance holders will spot it first and then gladly share it along the way. They are able to go beyond what the eyes meet and hear their soul sing, maintaining a balance that inspires others to live well, right where they are.

Have I found my bliss in the city?

While some days might be easier than others, what I have definitely found again is my appreciation for the opportunities London offers. Here I get to experience and enjoy humanness in all its shapes and forms. And when I allow my inner explorer to go and find hidden corners away from the busy roads, I am always welcomed by the same quietude. The silence we carry within ourselves and which no one or no place can take away.

Antonia Lyons

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