Every author has a thousand stories within themselves waiting to be told. Words will come together and find form at the appropriate time and order, not one minute sooner or later. At times, a new story may take forever to be born, as we meticulously gather facts through our very lives. Suddenly, the distillation of our experiences starts to emerge. It makes its way through our inner landscape, moving of its own accord and at its own pace until it comes to light. This alchemical process cannot be rushed and instead needs our utmost presence and commitment. It also requires creating a little corner where we shelter from the endless distractions our life presents us with. There are many things to tend to, and we often have little energy or clarity to nurture our creative children. Someone asked me recently why I don’t write more often.

In truth, no matter how easy I find it, I only write what I can put into words.  

Lately, I have not always found language to describe life as it happened. Some things I have been experiencing needed to be gestated for a while before I could translate them into a story others would relate to. And what I have found is that once I felt ready to bring them to life, I wanted to hold on to them a little longer. Keep them safe with me before I can let them go, just like any good mum must do with her children sooner or later. 

When I handed the manuscript of my new book to the editor, I felt slightly lost. While there surely are many things I should be doing in preparation for its release, I just needed a moment. A little pause to look around myself and see what’s still here and what has gone. What did I let go of as I wrote each chapter? How was I changed by my sharing of quite a few intimate memories? Was I ready to expose myself and most of all, am I living big?  

Living big: it sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  

The title of my new book feels expansive and inviting, while I am here trying to recuperate after its long and at times, painful birth. This is the hard part of being an author: it comes with an awful lot of responsibility. It is not just about finding a pretty name or sharing clever updates on social media on its creative process. It is about how good we are at living each of our words,  which begs the question:

Am I living big? Or have I just written a sweet little book, hoping it will sell a few copies and make me feel proud for a while? 

As I tend to my inner world and explore its dark corners, some things are not easy to look at. I would love to say it is all flowers and sunshine in there, but I would be lying. It is cold and gloomy at times, and even small in places. And as I certainly don’t have a magic wand to change the weather, I am learning to embrace myself through the seasons of life instead. Some days, when the sky is clear and there is a nice breeze caressing my heart, I can sense being part of something much bigger, that keeps expanding and brings me together with many birds of a feather. Each one, carries thousands of stories on its wings, waiting to be shared and reach the far-end corners of the world. We sing into the wind the words that must be heard and remembered so every ordinary life becomes an extraordinary gift.

May you fly high dear friend, and when tired, may you rest in the arms of the angels.

In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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