The last couple of months have been particularly trying for all of us.

A sense of division has dominated the scene, right at the time when perhaps it would have been nice to just hold on to one another through the pandemic.

Social media has seen the rise of very aggressive and judgmental posts, often justifying violence as only alternative to what no longer works.

Those who kept away from the front line, were often branded as the bad guys who actually are part of the suffering and injustice still very present among us.

But while fighting and verbal abuse spread across our streets and media feed, many are choosing to remain still & quiet.

Their voices are calm, yet strong.

Their words gracious, yet powerful.

They quietly move behind the scene to restore the respect, appreciation, & dignity that have been lost.

These folks know one thing very well, and one thing only: before our color, creed, &  gender we are the Human Race.

There is a story that we’ve all been told all our life.

The story goes that there are good & bad people, white & black, Christian & Muslims, right or wrong.

If you are one, you can’t be the other.

And yet before everything else, you & I are human beings.

And it may not mean much to you, but it’s everything.

The story has been told over and over again, so to keep us small and in fear.

For when humans stand together their power is beyond comprehension.

We are not the same, you and I.

We are not one.

Instead were born to be our own unique self, so to empower and enrich one another through our difference..

We don’t need to be all the same to be strong.

We simply must learn to truly appreciate & respect our uniqueness.

Trying to erase our history will not make up for the hostility and resentment pervading our hearts.

Until we keep the fight alive, we will also keep the story going.

A story that was always just a lie.

Today be the one who stops the fight and be the light instead.

Tell your family, your friends, the stranger on the bus of how we must speak different words if we want our tears to dry.

Tell the people on the street of how you honor their pain and that they are not longer victims of a past that can only be changed with dignity and forgiveness.

Let your story be bigger than the noise clouding our mind & heart.

Share it with pride even when others won’t listen.

For they will, when they can go quiet enough to hear their soul’s whispers.

And every soul, of every man, speaks the same language.

And it tells the story of beautiful angels, who eons ago had to forget their wings so to play at being human.

They all were different.

All magnificent.

But they simply forgot.

Today they are becoming “human angels” , while slowly remembering that God was always in their uniqueness.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons




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