These are trying times.

A sense of division dominates the global scene, while social media sees the rise of very aggressive and judgmental posts which contribute to fuel the general weariness and suspicious.

Those who abstain from voicing themselves are often considered part of the suffering and injustice still present among us by the ones who, instead, choose to openly and actively taking sides.

But while fighting and verbal abuse spread across our streets and media feeds, many are quietly holding space for change to happen.

Their voices are calm, yet strong. Their words gracious, yet powerful and unapologetic. They stand strong and proud of their own heritage while unassumingly moving behind the scene to restore the respect, appreciation, & dignity which have been lost.

These folks know one thing very well: before our color, creed, &  gender we are human beings.

There is a story that we have been told all our life.

The story goes that there are good & bad people, white & black, Christian & Muslims, right or wrong. If you are one, you cannot be the other.

And yet before everything else, you & I are human beings.

This may not mean much and may also sound provocative and naïve, but it is everything.

The story has been told over and over again, keeping us small and afraid, while trying to prevaricate onto one another.

We are not the same, you and I.

We are not one.

Instead we were born to be our own unique self, so to empower and enrich one another through our difference.

We do not need to be all the same to be safe.

We simply must learn to truly appreciate & respect our uniqueness and offer it with pride.

Trying to erase our history will not make up for the horrors the world has often witnessed nor will it bring back those we all have lost, somehow.

The fight will never change the story and it will simply perpetuate what we wish it never happened.

A story which was always just a seductive chant and which made us forget that when humans stand together their power is beyond comprehension.

Today be the one who stops the fight and reminds our heart of its power.

Tell your family, your friends, the stranger on the bus of how we must speak different words if we want to tell a new story.

Invite the people on the street to honor their pain, reminding them that it is everybody else’s pain too. Tell them that we get to re write history when we let go of pietism and abuse and no longer turn one another into victims and evildoers.

Let your story be bigger than the noise clouding your mind & heart.

Share it with conviction even when others won’t listen at first. They will eventually, when they can go quiet enough to hear their soul’s whispers.

For every soul, of every man, speaks the same language.

And it tells the story of beautiful angels, who eons ago had to forget their wings so to play at being human.

They all were different.

All magnificent.

But they simply forgot.

Today they are becoming “human angels,” while they slowly get to see again God’s reflection shining through their uniqueness.

And so it is,


Antonia Lyons

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