In our search for Happiness, we often put others in charge of our own well being.

We believe they must know better than us.

Even BE better than us!

Cause we believe we are broken and need fixing.

And they can do that!

These teachers, sages, gurus can truly make us whole and give us a chance to have our “happy ending”.

Only that the truth is often very different and we seldom remember that the only ones who can write their own story is us!


Stop believing that anyone out there can make you happier just because you follow their believes.

We all have an incredible resource within ourselves: our own wisdom.

It is so potent that throughout history whoever has been in charge made sure they’d suppress that.

They made us believe that we didn’t know enough and needed guidance.

That same wisdom connects us to “the universal mind” everything stems from; when we are able to tap into it we tap into “all there is”.

When our mind is quiet enough, our heart settled and our body strong we access an endless source of raw energy which allows us to create the life we desire.

Happiness & Well Being are a choice, and we are the only one who can make it.

Not the teacher.

Not anyone else.

Wrapping it up

  • Think of all the people you admire and follow, whether on social media or in your private life. Ask yourself how much of what they share has actually impacted your life.
  • If there has been an improvement, what choices did you have to make? Mostly were these spontaneous choices or  did you feel any resistance at first?
  • And now, wonder for a moment what your life would be like should you rely on your own wisdom only. What would you feel? Fear? Doubt? Uncertainty?
  • Would you then consider the possibility that we can all feel this way and still being able to tap into our own wisdom as we move through life?



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