Dear Friend,

May my words find you well and happy.

I wish to share a story with you that came to me in the silence of my own heart early this morning.

Once upon a time, a warrior travelled from the far end of the earth to go and visit an old sage living up on a sacred mountain.

Battered and discouraged, he wished to know why he could no longer win his battles.

As if under a spell, he found himself defeated and powerless over and over again.

Once the warrior reached the sage’s dwellings, the old man just kept on stirring a pot of smoky soup without ever looking at his guest.

“Master, tell me how to conquer my power back. I am here to be again the fiercest and most respected warrior this land has ever seen.”

The old sage, still giving his back to the eager warrior, spoke:

“Go Home, and Be with You.”

The confused warrior did leave and come back many times, with the same question.

Each time the old sage spoke the same words: “Go Home and Be with You.”

While our world undergoes a time of great change, it is often easy to believe that it solely needs our light to move on to brighter days.

Like a fierce warrior, we feel called to fight against what looks dark and foreign. We join others who share our same values, turning those who don’t in evil opponents.

In this forever battle between black & white, dark & light, good & bad we lose ourselves.

We no longer accept all that we are made of, as we erroneously believe that our suffering world only needs the best of us.

Dear friendOur world does not needs saving. It just needs you to be with you.

All of you.

Your pain, your shame, what has kept you awake all those sleepless nights.

All of you.

Your smiles, hope, dreams.

All of you.

And when you have sat with all of you long enough, sit some more.

When you can be with with all those parts that make you “You”, the world will never be the same.

No longer a battle field full of lives to save, but the place where you get to be in life in all her grandiose messiness.

Suddenly there is no mercy to grant or rescue to offer, only a sense of curiosity as the greatest story ever told unfolds

May your shadows become your strongest allies. May you turn them into your unique gifts. And when they have finally met your lights again, only then Precious Soul, may you offer our changing world a new dream.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons

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