One of the things we all wish for is to lead a relatively drama free life.

We say we would be happy to put up with the occasional bump on the road as long as drama stayed well away from us.

Funny how it’s often ourselves chasing pain & misery.

Because, after all, what would life be without a good dose of tears and heartache?

That’s even a powerful marketing strategy, right?

A very famous song goes :

“No drama, no more in my life (no more drama in my life, no one’s gonna make me hurt again).”

I always laughed while the pained singer tried to make us believe she was done with suffering.

To me, she just loved it.

Even the way she’d sing clearly showed she was far from being down with drama, and yet that even got her a Grammy.

This year though, most of us started to sense that the crying game may have become a bit too samey.

Perhaps, there is something much more fun to do and it is about time we figured out how!

So people are going a great length to find anything that can stop them from wanting to play the old drama game.

Because, in the end, we are addicted to it.

Drama is to the human condition what sugar is to our body.

It is to our psyche what sugar would be to our biology.

It’s a distraction from the goodness that is dormant within us, waiting to be expressed through our creativity & wisdom.

This year is many things, and it is also an invite to go beyond our small selves.

Regardless of its unpredictable and unsettling nature, this time carries the promise for a more meaningful & rich life.

There is something so magical and mystical in the air right now, waiting to be tuned into and used to create what we always wished.

But we often miss that, because drama is an old human pattern, and we all get into that rut.

Some people more than others.

We constantly and unwittingly invite drama into our life, our body, & mind.

Especially when things seem to be going a little bit better.

A while ago, after a couple of blissful and joyful days, I saw myself suddenly getting restless.

There I was, going around my flat, looking for ways to break this benevolent spell.

I was looking for the best opportunity to add a bit of excitement to what was fast turning into boredom.

Just a tiny bit of drama to make me feel alive again.

Because this is exactly what we all do: we all sabotage ourselves just to feel alive.

It runs within us, and it is called the human condition.

Yep, that’s what we do and some of us are real good at it.

Just when it’s all going well, we need to fuck it all up.

What makes us play this absurd game?

There is a sadness about letting go of the human condition while our soul wishes to be more present in our every day life.

Our spirit wants to come in, be with us, at all times. It carries beauty, ease, and grace for us to use as we wish.

But we fight it off, calling for more conflict & issues because we often don’t feel we deserve any better.

And so off it goes, the merry go around of life.

There’s always something that we have to overcome, we have to work on.

There will always be something to battle or run from.

That is drama: the energy we waste while we choose not to accept our soul’s invitation.

And when we do, we’ll laugh at how easy it was always meant to be.

We only need to make a conscious choice to be done with drama, and then stand back.

When we are so clear with ourselves, every part of us hears that loud.

And everything becomes simple.

When we come back to a point of simplicity, drama ceases to exist for it can only survive in complexity.

As we choose an easier life, two things will happen: we may get a little bored and also bring in even more pain and conflict for a while.

That is ok, an very normal.

If you stand back, take a breath, and refrain yourself from fighting against it, you will soon see how it’s all just Perfectly Splendid.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons


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