As I look back on the last three years, I strongly sense 2023 is going to be the “year of the soul.” A time when we bring our divine self into everyday life. What once felt far and outside of us, now becomes integral part of how we experience every moment.

We have come a long way since 2020, when we all got shaken to our core. 

That was the year when we resorted to our inner warrior to move through one of the most challenging times known to humankind. 

Covid 19 changed the world and demanded we use all our resources to believe we could start again. 2020 was only a steppingstone on the way to a greater peace and wholeness we have been called towards, both collectively and individually. 

In 2021 what we learnt during such an unprecedent time helped us to trust ourseleves in a new way. What did we really want out of life? Where were we heading? What and whom were we willing to leave behind? 

Suddenly we felt we deserved to ask for more, both from ourselves and the world. 

Most of all, we started to trust that we could enter 2022 and write a new story. 

What did we tell differently? To ourselves and those around? What did we dare to rewrite even when others told us that most stories are just the way they are? 

Walking into 2023, it is very clear that the world as we knew it has changed: who are we now? How do we wish to live? 

How do we make 2023 a “soul-full” year? 

While our humanness no longer feels enough on its own, we bring our soul self into our days. Fill them with the sweet awareness that we are being joined by a very special companion. 

Suddenly life feels big. Full. 

We start trusting our inner giggle: the exciting feeling rising in us, whenever something new comes our way. 

At first, it may all make little sense. Why would we risk our comfortable although predictable routine after all? And yet, we are all being called to grow bolder and dare more. 

In time it becomes easier to sense when our soul is present, for we are suddenly not afraid to embark on new adventures. Even when we are stretched out of our comfort zone, the thrill of experiencing life without so many restrictions feel seductively inviting. Our soul wishes to grow and experience life from all angles. There is no fear there, just sheer excitement. 

And as it expands, it giggles, like a mischievous little child. Our heart rejoices, being at peace with whatever we wish to create. We find ourselves enjoying what, only recently, may have felt both scary and out of reach. 

Who do we wish to become? 

What do we dream of? What are we ready to finally walk away from? These are all questions we will be asking all year round, always trusting that we are being held and supported. 

For so long we have looked up at the sky, in the hope of connecting with something mightier than us. Now, we start looking within to feel our soul. No longer something to read in ancient texts or strive for, this reunion enables us to become very present in all our human experiences. 

Dear Friend, if you too have heard the soulful giggle, trust that your soul is there with you. Speak to it like you would with your very best friend. Don’t make it arcane, for it does not need to be. Create intimate time and space, and quietly whisper out: 

“I am here my Beloved, and I welcome you dearly.” 

May 2023 be the time when you remember yourself home. And when the world feels hostile and too big, may you trust that you are no longer alone. 

And so be it,

Antonia Lyons

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