While I welcome 2022, I cannot help but marveling at how events have been unfolding both on a global and private scale in the last couple of years.

Looking back, it makes perfect sense that 2020 would be the year of the warrior  and 2021 the year to trust ourselves.

Although  little I knew of the sheer impact a virus will have on our world, I strongly sensed that our lives were never to be the same.

There was a very specific moment when it became very clear to me the need to shed skin if I was to truly enjoy this new time in our history.

This meant having to look at all the stories I had been writing and to which I held onto for dear life.

Admittingly, it has not been easy.

We all have many stories.

Weather we are the heroin or villain, the lost soul or good Samaritan, letting go of who we think we are is no joke.

We worked hard to create what has become our trade mark in the world, so having to change it feels both unnatural and unfair.

And yet, if there ever was a time to move beyond what we thought we knew of ourselves, it is right now.

This is as true for each one of us as for human kind at large.

There is a story we have all been writing since time began, which we have lost ourselves in.

The story goes:

“Once upon a time a group of little souls started to play an exciting game called “blame.”

The rule was to point their finger out at one another, making them believe they were the meanest of the meanies.

And even when they acted like the good guys, they just wanted to win this very strange game.

In time the young souls became very old, and no longer remembered their wings and the absolute splendour they came from.”

This, my friend, is what have have been writing and telling ourselves over and over again.

It is the story of the world as we knew it, where demons will never know the light and angels cry dry tears.

While we remain lost in this game, no real change will come to be.

All the good wishes for peace and love remain a distant hope until we truly accept that stories are to be written and re written.

When we accept what they offered us, their gift becomes our wisdom.

If we obstinately and endlessly go over them, we miss out the enormous power that lies in our ability to change and grow.

We come in this life not to write one perfect tale, but many, through which we remember all that we are. Click To Tweet

Our being in this world is a never-ending story, where the story of one melds into the story of all: to blame another is to blame ourselves, to forgive them is to accept ourselves just as we are.

This is the year when you and I will lay our swords, for warriors no longer need to fight.

We have learnt to trust ourselves so implicitly, we offer our truth with grace and elegance, which are the weapons of the new era.

As we let go of all that has been lived a hundred times over, we start writing a story that has never been told before.

One where we remember who we are and we sing along with our own soul.

May you presence fill the days ahead dear friend.

May you never shy away from all the life awaiting you.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons


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