When I wrote about 2020 being the “Year of the Warrior”, little I knew that the world was about to change forever.

I had the sense though, that whatever we were about to embark on would serve us for the rest of our life.

As we have entered this new year, we no longer are who we used to.

None of us are.

What we have been experiencing in the last 12 months has been stretching us in way we never thought possible.

So I make 2021 Year to trust Yourself, because you, my friend, have come a very long way.

It may not feel so right now and it may actually take a while before it does.

The truth is that not many of us have been encouraged to trust ourselves throughout our life.

Someone else always knew better than us, didn’t they?

Our parents, teachers, our perfect best friend, all seemed to know more while we didn’t know enough.

Our voice was silenced as we tried to fit in, get others to like and approve us.

The wisdom we felt in our younger years was slowly stuffed under loads of doubts and fears.

No wonder most of us grew up thinking that the world knew and we did not.

The world knew of what we should do and how we should think.

What we should eat and whom should we like.

“Hang out with these folks, and never speak to those other ones” – that’s how most of us grew up.

It is no one’s fault, really.

It is just the way it always was, and it even has a name.

It’s called being humans.

2020 saw the end of that.

Most of us stood up, in the midst of our disbelief and grief and said: NO MORE!

We slowly started to question the “truths” we learnt along the way.

What we discovered often made us angry and want to rebel against a system which has been built on lies.

There is the grave danger at times like this to be in constant reaction to what happens around us.

We simply do not believe we have what it takes to stand up to the big world out there.

So we get angry and start throwing tantrums, just like scared little children.

The world looks very divided right now because we are all finding our way back to our own “knowingness”.

In 2021 we shall start learning a new way to be in life.

No longer trapped in “should”, “don’t”, “never” we will slowly feel our innate wisdom again.

We will learn how to let it guide us, rather than relying on someone else’s opinion.

As we remember that we do have a voice we shall use it to support and inspire others, instead of belittling them.

After all it is only when we deeply trust ourselves, that we can truly honour everybody else.

We can offer them our truth with respect and dignity without the need to change theirs.

I wish you that you may choose to thrive this year my friend, despite all odds.

The future is not written but you are writing it as you go along.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons




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