Now that we have officially entered not only a new year, but also a new decade, we are anxious to know how it’s all going to plan out.
These are big times indeed, when we are asked to show up in a much bigger way than ever before.
Whatever our fears and insecurities stopped us from achieving in the past, moving forward we have the real chance to create life anew!

2020 Is Going To Be The Year Of The Warrior
That means growing into what we always dreamed to be.
There will be a real desire this year to grow into our full potential, and mostly to use all the inner talents and skills at our disposal.
If you have spent the last couple of years feeling too small in a very big world, rest assured this is your time.
When you tap into your “inner warrior” you can use that raw energy to create new outlets in your life.
So this is a very potent year which will prepare us for 2021; by then we will have a clearer idea of how, as a collective and individuals, to move towards peace and well-being.
If we look at 2020 as a stepping stone rather then a set scenario, we can then keep ourselves flexible and willing to adjust to whatever will come up along the way.
January and December in particular will be the months to take extra care and make allowances for ourselves and others, as they will set the tone for the whole decade.
In fact I’d say these are the times during 2020 when we’d better sit down and come to terms with the fact that life as we knew it has gone.
And it will never come back.
Whether it’s in your personal life or in the world at large, when you see that what once worked no longer supports you, your families or communities, then you can start making the changes needed.
And with a potent lunar eclipse kicking off the year, January ought to be a very auspicious time, which will favour the brave souls wanting to embrace growth.
Tap Into Your Warrior Self
If you are to make long-lasting changes using your valuable skills and talents, this will be the year to learn how to tap into your resources healthily and productively.
The risk in fact, with so much volatile energy at our disposal, is to easily burn out and feel overwhelmed.
So Prioritize has to be the magic word for now: where do you want to channel your resources, who with, and how?
Perhaps you already have few ideas on how you’d like to implement changes within different areas of your life or community.
The key is to start small and focus on the present or immediate future, for remember we will still be in transition for a while.
Just take baby steps towards wherever it is you are going and keep things loose, as they may change again.
The magic of this time is that we are being invited to BE BIG while being kind to ourselves and others.
No more pushing or striding, but rather a steady growth which will take us far indeed.
Which takes me to our second magic word for 2020, Self Care.

This is the year to take your body on board and learn what works and what doesn’t for it.
No much point on joining the gym if it’s no much fun, when perhaps dancing at home or going for long walks make you happy.
What do you like?
What do you actually look forward to and makes you feel alive?
I decided long ago that intense gym classes didn’t agree with me, or made me any fitter.
After tweaking my diet and looking into different alternatives, I saw how Yin Yoga, Qi Gong & Energy Medicine work best for me.
With very long walks and fun dancing sessions at home!
2020 is definitely the time to be individualistic even when it comes about your health: don’t just do what your friends are doing or what the media sell you!
We all will need plenty of time to integrate all the changes which we’ll be going through and most of all to allow our body to catch up with that.
If you suddenly feel tired and there has been much happening around you, trust it’s time to stop, rest & digest for a while.
This way you will give your adrenals a break and you will release all those cortisol hormones which normally keep us in a fight or flight mode.
And you really don’t want to constantly be on the alert this year, ’cause that would be a colossal waste of very precious energy you are going to need important changes.
This takes me to my third and last magic word, YOU.
The world is going through a massive shift, and things will not settle down for a long while.
As the chaos out there accelerates keeping you from feeling safe and joyful, you become your own lighthouse.
You become so centered, strong and resilient within yourself that you can then show the way to others.
But you’ve got to actively build that inner fortress, just like a warrior would.
And then go out there and be all you came here to be.
I wish you a prosperous and bright 2020,
Antonia Lyons

Wrapping It Up

2020 is the year of the warrior because it’s a very active year when many will actively want to change obsolete dynamics. The risk is too be imposing and go astray if you don’t keep yourself centered and aligned with everybody’s greatest good
there is much raw creativity available, provided you learn how to channel it otherwise you end up getting burned out and overwhelmed
three big words to keep in mind are PRIORITIZE, SELF -CARE & YOU
a big way through the year will be to find ways to rest and allow your adrenal glands to recharge so they can keep you strong and ready to go and make those big changes
You are Big and are very much needed to help our world going through this accelerating shift. Be the light that you are and show the way to others

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