With 2018 on its way out, I reckon the general question has to be “What the hell was that???”

2018 was the year when much stopped making sense and the whole world seemed to go mad.

It was definitely a big year & 2019 promises to follow on the same line.

Kicking off with a solar eclipse and few days later with a lunar eclipse, January only will offer a few hints on what 2019 has in store for us.

Higher Frequencies

To appreciate the gifts of this new year let’s consider for a moment the extremely high frequencies our beloved earth is currently engulfed in.

These strings of light which come from not only the cosmos but also the core of earth itself, are literally effecting the way we vibrate.

Like ginormous waves of light, these frequencies are dismantling the Third Dimensional Consciousness while removing whatever no longer serves us.

We are right in the midst of an unprecedented shift in consciousness, and it’s quite uncomfortable cause it’s pushing us to be different and do things in a total new way.

But we don’t like changes, do we?

We consider changes and the chaos they bring along as a sign that things have gone wrong, ignoring the fact that without changes our race would have long gone!

Year of Change

2019 will be the year when we’ll have to reconsider how we look at change and how we navigate its unsettling waters.

If you are one for a quiet life, you’ll be in for a surprise this year as we are being asked to come out of our shelf and boldly introduce ourselves to the world.

“Here I am! This is ME!” – you will find yourself time and time again declare to yourself and those around.

And the question you’ll often be asking yourself along the way is “What can I do that is new?”

The need for change will be supported by an urge to create.

Same as an old, skill-full artisan, you will get your hands dirty to share your craft with everybody else.

Creation after creation, you may throw yourself in many adventures which will surely keep you busy during the whole year.

The risk here is to become self absorbed, ignoring the needs of those around. Ultimately every great creation has to serve the good of all, and this is certainly something to remember while we embark in yet a new project.

2019 will definitely have a passionate tone to it. So passionate in fact that it may borderline aggression! Don’t be surprised to see the usually meek person suddenly turn into a wild boar feeling the urgency to take a stand in the world.

Create pockets of stillness

As 2019 is a very dynamic year, it becomes essential to recharge in order to manage so much raw energy.

This is the time to learn how to actively create an inner retreat through the day, no matter where you are.

Mostly no matter of the ideas you may have on connecting to yourself and the greater intelligence.

If you’ve always looked at “spirituality” as something from the 60’s , you may want to reconsider this in 2019.

As we navigate a highly charged time, actively looking for ways to reconnect to life itself allows you to make long due changes with ease & grace rather than fear and drama.

What is it that quietens your mind and puts a smile on your face? Gives a nice warming feeling to your heart even after a crappy day? What gets you out of bed when nothing makes much sense?

Whatever that is, do more of it in 2019 ’cause that is your way to speak to Life!

This new year will also see us quieting our over stimulated selves through a new way to feel our bodies.

What does your body like? Makes it feel alive? What slows it down?

If you’ve never thought communicating to your body was a thing of this world, you may want to think again moving forward.

Your body is what gets you through life, from day one ’till you are on your way out. It deserves a bit of respect then, wouldn’t you agree? So sit down with it and make friends!

The new year wants us to grow & evolve whilst embracing change & bringing stillness as we go along.

If we can get that balance right, we are in for a magical year!

Beginnings with a tad of magic

2019 will mark the start of a new 7 year cycle.

We will still be in transition for a long while, going from a very limiting system to one of possibilities and expansion.

Life is not going to quieten down or slow down, nor will it ever feel the same again.

As we move through these stratas of consciousness, we must learn to think through the wisdom of the heart.

This new approach to life requires a bit of attention and certainly a good dose of courage: we are being asked to be pioneers of the unknown in our own unique way.

2019 will certainly be the year of new beginnings.

We are pulled into uncharted waters & we ought to be strong & aware if we are to navigate the chaos that will be certainly be present.

Like a white canvas, this year offers us the chance to pause, visualise what we’d like to create, get our tools ready and then start experimenting.

And if creation is always messy, it’s also a magical and cathartic process.

The new year will see us bringing a bit of magic to our lives, in ways we’d never expect before.

If your only experience with magic is to seat through the whole box set of “Harry Potter”, perhaps start considering all those little coincidences your life has been filled with. The warm feeling an unexpected encounter or gift brings to your heart. The miracle to spot a tiny plant growing out of a concrete block.

2019 will definitely be the time to “think your life magic”.



Wrapping it up:

  • 2019 is the year to actively create what we like while we learn how to manage ourselves
  • the highly passionate energy will require frequent moments of rest and pause
  • if you are not sure on how to switch off, rather than following someone else’s ideas, ask yourself “What do I like? What makes me feel calm? What gives me joy?”
  • your body takes center stage in 2019! If you want it to support you through this highly charged time, you’ve got to make friends with it! Find your own unique way by constantly asking yourself “Is this making me feel alive, joyful, excited?” If the answer is not, ditch it and move on to the next thing!
  • Finding ways to stay grounded and nurture yourself, will allow your life to flow with grace and support those around you!
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