I created Evoking Grace for you and I, who walk in the fast lane.

We belong to this world and have to deal with the many issues that constantly come our way.

We’ve got bills to pay, jobs to keep, people to love and forgive, trains to catch and weight to lose.

Often Life just feels like a burden and it’s hard to truly appreciate her beauty & incredible potential.

We are so desperate to make things just a bit easier that we always entrust our well-being to the outside world.

And yet, the only thing which will always allow us to live well is right within us.

It doesn’t come from some unapproachable guru or the latest spiritual movement.

Certainly it won’t be found in a remote cave up on a mountain.

In my experience the people who bounce back more easily from challenges know how to connect to their own wisdom. They are no smarter than others, but they allow themselves to truly feel the essence of whatever they are experiencing, no matter how bad.

They don’t fight their pain, their don’t heal their wounds and they are not trapped in their personal mind trying to figure it all out.

Instead they embrace their own humanness while graciously letting go of controlling their life.

How would you like to be one of them?

There are no quick fixes to  change how you experience life or anyone who can do that for you!

Evoking Grace won’t give you answers, but it will encourage you to realize  the answers that you already have.

When that happens, YOU WILL:

  • feel better about life & yourself
  • be more confident & resilient
  • deal with your job, relationships or yourself more easily and gracefully
  • stop losing your emotional bearings and start finding creative ways to deal with challenges
  • get less of the “chatter” in your head which labels whatever you experience. This creates space in your mind, leading to new ideas and more creativity in your life.
  • free yourself from insecurity, struggle, addictive behavior patterns, relationship difficulties and a whole variety of psychological and emotional problems
  • enjoy better health once you tune into your own innate body-wisdom