Author: Antonia Lyons

Feel your dreams (Part 2)

We are so busy orchestaring reality, that we have dismissed one small huge detail. You can tell the Universe you are going to have a great life, in fact you can actually shout at the Universe you are going to have an amazing life, but you are probably going to stay with your butt glued on your old sofa ’till you realize that your wants, needs and intentions won’t count much if you are not aware of what rules them.

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Feel your dreams (Part 1)

I do believe there is Higher Intelligence within us and all around us, as I do believe there are things we came to do in this life time our soul will guide us towards, but I also believe that we have grown extremely fixated on the “healthy, wealthy, happy” formula ignoring that life evolves for the ones who are very clear about what it is that they want, and the ebbs are to be treasured as much as the flows.

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