Author: Antonia Lyons

Liebster Award

I wanted to find a way to be closer to the everyday person. The one who still wonders whether we should all be leaving in a shack up on a mountain to find peace or if we could find ourselves in the midst of a crowded pub on a Saturday night. The stranger on the bus, in a queue, sitting across me at the pub. That stranger is ultimately the person who will have to face life no matter of their social level, background and origins.There is so much emphasis now days on being “spiritual” that I think we all got confused a bit. So writing seemed to be a good way to show how happiness is right here, where we are.

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Feel your dreams (Part 2)

We are so busy orchestaring reality, that we have dismissed one small huge detail. You can tell the Universe you are going to have a great life, in fact you can actually shout at the Universe you are going to have an amazing life, but you are probably going to stay with your butt glued on your old sofa ’till you realize that your wants, needs and intentions won’t count much if you are not aware of what rules them.

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