Antonia Lyons@Evoking Grace

I created Evoking Grace for you and I, who walk in the fast lane.

We belong to this world and have to deal with the many issues that constantly come our way.

We’ve got bills to pay, jobs to keep, people to love and forgive, trains to catch and weight to lose.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make things just a little bit easier for ourselves?

Having coached clients from all walks of life, I can honestly say that the ones who bounce back more easily from adversities have learnt to switch off their personal mind and allow a deeper wisdom to come through.

Unlike other forms of coaching, Evoking Grace does not offer easy fixes to change your experience of life but is designed to put you back in touch with that wisdom by allowing your mind to slow down and clear out.

When that happens, YOU WILL:

  • feel better about life & yourself, be more confident & resilient
  • deal with your job, relationships or yourself more easily and gracefully
  • stop losing your emotional bearings and start finding creative ways to deal with challenges
  • get less of the “chatter”in your head which labels whatever you experience. This creates space in your mind which will then generate new ideas and more creativity in your life.
  • free yourself from insecurity, struggle, addictive behavior patterns, relationship difficulties and a whole variety of psychological and emotional problems
  • enjoy better health once you tune into your own innate body-wisdom