Hello! I’m Antonia Lyons.

I’m a Transformation Guide & I help people Heal, Thrive & Live a better life!

Modern life is madness, but we can be Happy just where we are!

On my YouTube channel Bliss In The City I offer timeless wisdom and ground, practical tools to deal with everyday challenges while being more insightful.

Life can often be tough and take its toll on us.
While we try & make it easier we usually end up making it worse.

We ‘ll try and think positive, eat healthily, sleep more and swear less hoping to be more than what we already are.

Yet while looking for perfection we often feel confused, disappointed and exhausted.

It’s a mad mad world out there these days, isn’t it?

Evoking Grace Coaching offers timeless wisdom for modern day living.

It was born out my passion for people and their uniqueness as I believe we all have what it takes to lead a more joyful and fuller life.

I will help you enjoy your life more and bounce back from its challenges by sharing simple truths on how the Human Mind really works & simple tools to manage your own Energy Field.

Evoke Grace helps people create Well-Being & Balance in their lives.

Did you know that it’s only when our mind is clear and we are firmly grounded into our body that we can actually make long lasting changes in our lives?

I can help you understand how the human MIND really works and how to reconnect to your BODY through a unique ENERGY HEALING work.

So if life feels like a struggle right now, get in touch on antonialyons@evokinggrace.com & let’s start making those CHANGES.

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Much Love & Grace from My heart to Yours

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